Nearly 45% of Britons ‘wrongly dispose of unflushables’

Three-in-ten are flushing wet wipes, new survey finds

Fatberg the size of 25 elephants stomped out

The 200-tonne mass is estimated to have occupied 250 metres of a central Liverpool sewer

Giant fatberg weighing 40 tonnes removed from London sewer

It was equivalent to the weight of three red London buses and found in Greenwich earlier this year

Devon’s largest ever fatberg removed successfully

It was taken to a local sewage treatment plant and used to produce energy

Monster fatberg found in Liverpool sewer

United Utilities says it is the biggest ever fatberg discovered in the North West

Forget washed up whales… monster fatberg hits seaside town

The build up of fat, wet wipes and grease in Sidmouth, Devon, is larger than some models of Boeing 747 airliner

Watch the Xmas leftovers or you could have a festive fatberg of your own

A fifth of households risk blocked drains and sewers by putting fat, oil and grease down the sink

Thames Water declares victory over ‘monster fatberg’

Thames Water’s nine-week battle against the “monster fatberg” in Whitechapel has come to an end. The fatberg below the east London street, found in September, was a solid mass of fat, oil, wet wipes, condoms and other sanitary products. The water company said the work took longer than expected due to the damage the fatberg […]

London’s fatberg monster to be melted down to biofuel

A 250-metre long fatberg blocking a London sewer will be converted into around 10,000 litres of biodiesel. That’s according to Thames Water, which says the congealed mass of fat, oil, grease, wet wipes and sanitary products in Whitechapel will create enough green energy to power 350 double-decker buses for a day. Around a third of […]

Fatty sewer monster found under London streets

  One of the UK’s largest ever fatbergs has been found blocking a sewer in East London. The congealed mass of fat, wet wipes, nappies, oil and condoms discovered in Whitechapel stretches for 250 metres and weighs 130 tonnes – this is longer than Tower Bridge and heavier than 11 double decker buses. Thames Water […]