Millions still without power after Hurricane Sandy

More than 1.3 million people are still without electricity following Hurricane Sandy last week which caused the deaths of 110 people at the latest count. The figure from the US Department of Energy follows the disaster which knocked out power for more than 8.2 million homes in 21 states across the country. New Jersey is […]

Killer storms cut power for thousands of US homes

Severe storms reportedly responsible for the deaths of at least three people in the north east of USA caused power cuts to hundreds of thousands of people at the end of last week. More than 330,000 customers across Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New Jersey were affected, according to US supplier FirstEnergy, which said most […]

Beware of risk factor in race for oil

Companies planning to exploit oil and gas in countries where conflict is an everyday occurrence aren’t fully thinking about the risks, a security advisor has warned the industry. With firms looking further afield to find prized fossil fuels, risks cannot be ignored, said James Hopkinson of Blue Hackle, which operates in higher risk locations like […]