Rallying oil prices prompts “large wave” of buying

Rallying oil prices in January prompted a wave of speculative buying in the hope prices will continue going up, according to a monthly market report released by OPEC today. The Organisation of Petroleum Buying Countries says its average price benchmark – known as the reference basket – rose 2.5% over the last month to settle […]

UK power and gas markets weaker last month

The power and gas markets in the UK during the last few weeks of 2012 were weaker due to warm temperature and low demand. That’s according to Magali Hodgson, npower’s Optimisation Desk Manager in our weekly Market Report. She said a combination of the industry shutdown because of the Christmas and New Year holidays and […]

Editorial: Happy New Year and oh thanks Mr President!

This is going to be easy, Happy New Year to all our readers. I don’t think there is much more to say is there? 2013 has started and we all have our dreams hopes and aspirations for it. Many will only just be surfacing around midday (myself included) nursing some hangovers (myself excluded) and all […]