China’s largest retailer deploys hydrogen delivery trucks across Shanghai says the ‘dozens’ of fuel cell vehicles it has rolled out can travel for 300 kilometres per tank

ELF2018: What should businesses consider when gearing up for EVs?

Phil Hack, Head of Markets at UK Power Networks Services told ELN firms should consider their whole fleet strategy over the long term to avoid “regret costs”

Freight transport boss banned after using red diesel

Scott McClung, 47 has been prohibited from acting as a director for nine years

UK’s largest hydrogen fleet hits 32 vans

A hydrogen energy specialist has now sold or leased a total of 32 gas-powered vans. Arcola Energy’s Renault Kangoo ZE-H2 vans use fuel range extenders to boost their battery range to 250 miles, roughly twice that of comparable vehicles that run solely on electricity. Arcola has formed a partnership with energy storage and clean fuel experts ITM Power to offer customers […]

Misconceptions about fleet management costing firms £1bn

Hundreds of thousands of English businesses could be wasting £1 billion per year due to misconceptions about how to reduce fuel costs. That’s according to the Energy Saving Trust which has launched a programme to help businesses make financial and environmental savings by managing their fleets. Called Fleet Service Review, the scheme which is funded by […]

Manchester University staff cut fuel use by fifth

Manchester University staff have effectively cut their fuel use by nearly a fifth by using ‘smarter driving’ techniques. Around 100 of the university’s fleet drivers took new training which suggests switching to a higher gear as soon as possible, driving smoothly or at a slower speed. After Smarter Driving training, employees at the university achieved […]

Businesses could save £50m by cutting van loads

Businesses across the UK could save around £50 million every year by reducing unnecessary weight in the back of their vans. New research by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) found firms that operate fleets of light goods vehicles (LGVs) of up to 3.5 tonnes could save up the cash by simply cutting the load by […]

Switch to EVs and save 75% on fuel costs

Businesses in the UK could cut their fleet fuel costs by 75% if they switch to hybrid or electric vehicles (EVs). A new report on ‘The Plugged-in Fleets Initiative’, which explored potential savings UK firms could make by introducing EVs and plug-in hybrids, claims an EV fleet would help those firms that operate vehicles with […]

Global LNG fleet shortage as demand forecast to rocket

Demand for global liquefied natural gas (LNG) is set to skyrocket over the next 20 years, so much so that a consultancy firm fears a potential shortage in the world fleet. According to a report from Ocean Shipping Consultants, the current LNG fleet has over 53m cubic metres (cbm) of vessel capacity. To match the […]

ABB launches EV charger for business parking

The case for electric vehicles was given a boost today, as technology firm ABB launched a new charging point specifically for businesses. The Terra Smart Connect is designed for fast-charging in commercial and office areas. The new Terra SC can fully charge an electric vehicle in 30-120 minutes, making it ideal for business people who […]