UK businesses invited to monetise existing flexible energy assets

Western Power Distribution is opening up 18 new zones where it aims to procure demand side response services

Deal signed for flexible gas plant down under

A Finnish technology firm is to build a natural gas plant in Australia after signing a contract with an Australian integrated energy business

Finance options explored for Hungarian smart cities

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has signed an agreement with a Hungarian bank and investment hub to explore the feasibility of creating a smart city and transport investment hub in the country. It will work with the European Investment Advisory Hub (EIAH) and Hungary’s Development Bank (MFB) to identify how to capitalise on the nation’s […]

SmartestEnergy gets flexible by signing new deal

SmartestEnergy has signed a deal to adopt a flexible energy management platform. Created by Origami Energy, the technology allows both providers and users of flexible energy contracts to accurately monitor and automatically dispatch large numbers and types of assets in real-time. SmartestEnergy says the role of energy flexibility is growing in importance as the industry continues […]

Severn Water partners to boost grid flexibility

A water supplier has teamed up with a cleantech firm to improve demand flexibility and help build a smarter energy system in the UK. Severn Trent, which provides water to 4.5 million households and businesses, aims to use Open Energi’s demand side response technology to provide more than 20MW of flexible capacity by 2020. The […]

Local grid operators ‘must be more flexible to meet demand’

Local electricity network operators must be more flexible when responding to requests for connections. That’s according to Ofgem, which states the amount of new generation – such as solar – seeking connections to electricity distribution networks has grown “significantly” in recent years. Around 26% of total generation capacity was made up of smaller generators linked […]

New power plant to cut Kiel’s emissions by 70%

A new ultra-flexible power station in Kiel will reduce the city’s emissions by around 70%. The innovative plant will feature 20 gas motors installed in four main blocks. These motors can go from 0% to 100% generation within only five minutes, giving the facility the unique ability to react to spikes and slumps in power demand extremely […]

UK seeks views on smarter, flexible energy system

The UK Government is seeking views on the development of a smarter, more flexible and user-friendly energy system. The Call for Evidence also aims to find out what can be done to make it easier for businesses to provide voluntary demand side response, i.e. when they reduce electricity use at times of peak demand in […]

Strength in numbers? Consultancy starts energy buying group

A British energy consultancy is hoping to prove there’s strength in numbers – it has started a buying group for middle-sized businesses with the aim of getting better electricity prices by pulling together. Companies using a minimum of 1GW of electricity a year can join the buying collective. There’s no official maximum limit but the […]

EDF ‘first’ to offer small businesses flexible energy tariffs

EDF Energy is offering small and medium sized businesses a new “more flexible” energy tariff with no fixed end date, it announced today. EDF will also publish the prices of the new contract on its website. The supplier says the new ‘Freedom for business’ tariff is a variable priced contract which customers are free to […]