Low carbon concrete keeps the tides away

The Environment Agency will use this measure to lower its emissions coming from anti-flood projects

Climate change ‘will result in higher water bills for consumers’

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers suggests the cost of treating and managing water supplies is set to increase as the UK experiences increasingly long and hot summers

Yorkshire Water branches out to plant one million trees

Working with Yorkshire Water and Forest of Bradford, it aims to protect against floods and build a carbon sink

Morocco, India, Iraq and Spain ‘vulnerable to water shortage’

The World Resources Institute is developing an early warning satellite system to scan dams and shrinking reservoirs

Cress and matchsticks could help prevent floods

As well as playing an important part in sandwiches and salads, cress is now being used to help develop new methods of flood prevention. Researchers at the University of Hull are growing mini cress forests, planting matchstick log jams and using a rainfall simulator to test natural flood prevention methods. Scientists have created a scaled-down […]

New tool to provide flood and drought warning

The first global system to monitor the movement of the world’s water and better prepare for floods and droughts is being developed. Scientists at the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) are working on the Hydrological Status and Outlook System (HydroSOS) – a modelling and reporting tool to warn governments, aid agencies and populations affected by climate […]

Power in Lancaster restored after flood

Around 55,000 homes in Lancaster were left without power this weekend after an electricity substation flooded due to a storm. It happened at around 11pm on Saturday and all supplies were restored this morning. Engineers were only able to access the substation in Caton Road at 11am on Sunday after it had been “fully submerged”. Electricity North West invested £7.9 […]

UK nuclear has no “serious” weaknesses

The Office for Nuclear Regulation has confirmed the UK’s non-power generating nuclear facilities are safe after “robust and challenging” stress tests were carried out. The tests were requested last year by chief nuclear inspector Mike Weightman following last year’s accident at the Fukushima plant in Japan. Mark Foy, a senior inspector at the Office for […]

Want a flood warning? There’s an app for that

Homeowners and businesses will be able to keep tabs on the risk of flooding in their area with a new online application called ‘FloodAlerts’, which launched on social media site Facebook this week. People in England and Wales will be able to use the app, which is licensed by the Environment Agency and uses live […]

Christmas trees present festive flood defence

Old Christmas trees will be used as an innovative and sustainable form of flood defence. The Environment Agency say that placing the coniferous trees along river banks will help reduce erosion and creates a good habitat for fish. The trees have been used in previous projects as a greener alternative to using heavier engineering materials […]