Thames Water declares victory over ‘monster fatberg’

Thames Water’s nine-week battle against the “monster fatberg” in Whitechapel has come to an end. The fatberg below the east London street, found in September, was a solid mass of fat, oil, wet wipes, condoms and other sanitary products. The water company said the work took longer than expected due to the damage the fatberg […]

Fatty sewer monster found under London streets

  One of the UK’s largest ever fatbergs has been found blocking a sewer in East London. The congealed mass of fat, wet wipes, nappies, oil and condoms discovered in Whitechapel stretches for 250 metres and weighs 130 tonnes – this is longer than Tower Bridge and heavier than 11 double decker buses. Thames Water […]

Flushing waste costs Scottish Water £7m a year

Blockages caused by household waste – such as baby nappies, wipes and grease – being flushed down the toilets are costing Scottish Water millions of pounds every year. The company has revealed it spends around £7 million a year clearing more than 45,000 blockages in the sewer network, with around 80% of them caused by […]

Welsh Water’s campaign to cut £7m sewer blockage bill

Welsh Water has launched a nationwide campaign to encourage people to be careful what they flush away in a bid to cut the £7 million annual cost of blocked sewers. The 12-month ‘Let’s Stop the Block’ campaign aims to change consumers’ behaviours when it comes to putting things down the toilet and disposing of fat, […]