Ford to use foam and plastic from captured CO2

Car manufacturer Ford has formulated and tested new foam and plastic components which use captured CO2 as feedstock. The new materials could feature in new cars within five years. The firm claims foam made by using 50% of CO2-based material meets rigorous automotive test standards and could be used in seating and underhood applications. It […]

District heating ‘wasting millions by skimping on insulation’

The developers and operators of district heating projects are wasting millions of pounds by skimping on pipe insulation. That’s according to a manufacturer of pre-insulated pipe systems, CPV, which said the standard for pipe insulation – the EN 253 – allows for three different thicknesses of foam. However most developers are going for the cheapest, thinnest foam to cut […]

GE tries to make coal burning cleaner – with foam

American manufacturing giant General Electric (GE) is trying to make burning coal cleaner – with a special type of foam. The firm has brought out new technology in North America which is meant to cut down the dust emissions from moving coal between barges or railway trucks at coal plants by up to 90%. The […]