Formula 1 drops the flag for race towards net zero by 2030

The move will cover the Formula 1 cars, on-track activity and the wider operations of the motorsport, with carbon reduction projects due to begin immediately

F1 technology to be used to design greener cars

An innovative research project that aims to develop greener cars has won a share of a £38.2 million prize. A consortium including Jaguar Land Rover and Nissan received £1.7 million for the so-called “light weighting” technology. It applies the science behind Formula 1 (F1) cars and space satellites to make vehicles weigh less and be more […]

VW unveils electric car made for one

German carmaker Volkswagen is hoping to pull off another design coup by bringing out a “minimalist” single-seat electric car. Dubbed NILS, the compact vehicle is just 3.04 metres long and 0.39 metres wide from wheel to wheel. With a top speed of 80mph, NILS is laid out like a Formula 1 race car, with the […]