Winter energy bills: Scotland to support 400,000 low income households

They will receive a guaranteed winter heating benefit of £50, which will be paid the first time in February 2023 under the Low Income Winter Heating Assistance

Vulnerable pensioners ‘spend a fifth of their income on energy bills’

Nearly 29% of older households in England are ‘fuel-stressed’, according to new report

Former garages turned to low carbon homes

The houses in North Tyneside will be fitted with energy efficiency measures, solar panels and heat pumps

A third of Brits are ‘afraid of energy bills becoming unaffordable this year’

Nearly 86% of Brits expect an increase in their cost of living this year, survey suggests

Almost a quarter of Brits ‘concerned they are unable to meet fuel bills this winter’

A new report shows of the poorest English and Welsh households, 40% are worried they wouldn’t be able to pay their gas and electricity bills

Wales consults on new plans to further reduce fuel poverty by 2035

One of the key proposals will see continuous investment to deliver home energy efficiency improvements through the Warm Homes Programme

VAT subsidy on domestic gas ‘mostly benefits wealthier households’

The government is being urged to end the 5% VAT rate on domestic heating fuels and redistribute the revenues to help those on low incomes to heat their homes

Pensioners peeved with rocketing energy bills

Pensioners bearing placards berated the Government and power companies outside the British Gas AGM on Monday. ELN found out why they were so unhappy.

Poor households ‘paying more for carbon cutting’

Poor households are paying more for cutting carbon than wealthier ones, according to new research. The charity Joseph Rowntree Foundation commissioned a report from the Centre for Sustainable Energy which found the poorest fifth of the population have already well outdone the Government’s carbon reduction target for 2020. Their direct household carbon emissions – for […]

Schools could save £70m by being efficient

UK schools could save around £70 million a year by implementing energy efficient measures. The Carbon Trust is writing to all schools and education authorities urging them to be more efficient to cut their £500 million a year fuel bill and save up to £21,500 every year. Reducing their energy costs could also cut emissions […]