EU speeds up new tyre labelling to slash car emissions

The labels will include information on fuel efficiency and wet grip, on a scale from ‘A’ to ‘G’, similar to the energy labelling used for household appliances

Wind ‘could help shipping tankers cut fuel by 10%’

A new technology could reduce the fuel consumption of shipping tankers by around 10%. Norsepower’s fuel efficient ‘rotor sails’, which use a spinning cylinder to harness wind power and help propel a ship, are to be trialled on a vessel owned by Maersk Tankers. The project, which will be the first installation of wind power technology on a product tanker vessel, […]

US invests $58m in fuel efficient vehicle tech

The US Department of Energy has announced more than $58 million (£40.7m) in funding for fuel efficient vehicle technologies. It will support projects like energy storage, electric drive systems, fuels, lubricants and advanced combustion. They are expected to help consumers save money and decrease carbon emissions by boosting fuel efficiency of conventional cars and trucks. […]

Californians dig hybrid wheels

California is trumps for green cars. The Golden State topped the figures for sales of clean diesel and hybrid cars with a whopping 24% rise during 2014. The stats released by IHS Automotive data to the media in New York yesterday, showed overall hybrids and energy efficient motoring was on the rise across the whole […]

US drivers ‘more concerned’ about energy waste than Brits

Drivers in the US are “more concerned” about energy waste compared to those in other countries such as the UK, Denmark and Singapore. Around half of US drivers are bothered by people wasting energy, claims a new survey by fuel giant Shell. More than three quarters of people see being fuel efficient as an important […]

Rising demand for ‘green’ cars in 2012

New car registrations in the UK rose 5.3% last year to 2.04 million – the highest level since 2008, with a rising demand for ‘green’ cars. According to data compiled by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), which represents the UK car industry, registrations of ‘green’ or alternatively-fuelled cars rose 9.4% in 2012 […]

Efficient tyres could cut fuel costs by £500m

UK firms could cut fuel costs by up to £500 million every year by using more fuel-efficient tyres on company vehicles. With new EU legislation compelling tyre manufacturers to label their car and light commercial tyres, the Energy Saving Trust (EST) is urging businesses to select “best-in-class tyres” for their vehicles. The new law, which […]