Neste pours €1.4bn of new investment into Singaporean renewable fuels plant

The funding will extend the firm’s production capacity in Singapore by up to 1.3 million tonnes a year

New EU fuel labelling informs drivers on environmental impact

They will include information on the maximum biofuel content in the fuels

US ‘Fuels from Sunlight’ hub bags $75m

An initiative aimed at producing fuels using the power of the sun has received a $75 million (£48.8m) boost. The US Department of Energy (DOE) is providing the grant to renew the Joint Centre for Artificial Photosynthesis (JCAP), which was initially established in 2010. Under the renewal plan, the five-year old centre will receive funding […]

US spends $50m for efficient vehicle technologies

The US Government is providing nearly $50 million (£30.2m) for research and development into efficient new vehicle technologies. The funding will support a wide range of technologies that further cut fuel costs for drivers and help make vehicles more efficient. This includes light weighing materials, cost-effective batteries, advanced heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and […]