Future Energy Scenarios 2021: The four paths to net zero

The UK was the first G7 nation to pass a law to reduce all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to net zero by 2050. This was in 2019, and France and Sweden were next to follow suit.

Britain ‘on track to meet its 78% emissions reduction target by 2035’

Two out of the four National Grid ESO’s Future Energy Scenarios show that the UK could deliver on its recent climate pledges

EVs could fuel 3.5GW UK peak power demand by 2030

Electric vehicles (EVs) could potentially increase peak demand for electricity by 3.5GW by 2030. That’s according to National Grid, which forecasts in the long term, they could fuel demand by as much as 18GW – the equivalent capacity of nearly six Hinkley Point nuclear power stations – during peak times by 2050. Its analysis forecasts […]

National Grid: UK to miss 2020 green targets

The UK is unlikely to meet its target of generating 15% of renewable energy by the end of the decade. That’s according to National Grid which has set out four different scenarios based on industry-wide stakeholder engagement and research, giving a glimpse into the nation’s possible energy future. Consumer Power is a wealthy, market-driven world […]

National Grid launches Future Energy scenarios

  National Grid has released a report with four different energy scenarios to look at the future picture for energy. The four scenarios considered in the report are Consumer Power, No Progression, Slow Progression and Gone Green. The report shows the UK is unlikely to meet its 2020 green goals as only one of the […]

Shale ‘could provide a third of UK’s gas demand’

A third of Britain’s gas needs could come from shale gas by the early 2030s, according to National Grid. That’s if government policies and economic growth allow companies to invest in gas exploration, it said under the ‘Low Carbon Life’ scenario – one of four potential scenarios in its new report published today. However a […]