Energy Live Expo 2019: Podcast with GAIA’s Haydn Young

He will be speaking at the event on 5th November at the QEII Centre in London

Guest Blog: Haydn Young – Time to reconsider renewables?

Happy Birthday Mr Lovelock – time to reconsider renewables?

‘Billions of dollars wasted’ on waste to energy projects

Businesses promoting waste to energy projects have a 30-year track record of “failures and unfulfilled promises”. That’s according to a new risk assessment from GAIA, which claims the vast majority of proposed plants were never built or were shut down “after decades of industry promising a solution that both manages waste and produces energy”. That […]

Guest Blog: Haydn Young – How to fire up the economy through energy efficiency

The king is dead (DECC) The removal of the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) may have the greenos worried at the loss of ‘Climate’ in the title but climate mitigation is about actions to drive down carbon usage, not titles. DECC seemed preoccupied with creating new legislation rather than stimulating a market for […]