“Gas and energy are used as weapon against Germany”

The German Vice-Chancellor has said “gas is now a scarce commodity” in the country

Government to consider ‘all options’ on price cap for heat networks

The Energy Minister has acknowledged that customers on heat networks are more exposed to energy price hikes

Onshore wind falloff ‘could add £125 to energy bills’

If new onshore wind farms are not built a future gas crisis could add about £10 billion a year to bills, new study finds

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Fire chiefs raise concerns over need to reduce energy bills

Energy suppliers are urged to offer reduced tariffs not only for times when families are sleeping

UK to hold CfD auctions every year

The Business Secretary said the change in the frequency will boost renewable energy generation

Companies’ ‘profiteering’ and Russia are to blame for high bills, Brits say

Just 13% of the public believe that green levies should be removed to provide support to struggling households, a new survey finds

Crown Estate Scotland unveils wind winners

Of 74 applications, 17 projects have been awarded right to Scottish seabed

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More than a third of business leaders are thinking of cancelling or postponing green investments, according to a new survey