New Cheshire gas store bolsters Brit energy security

Deep underground caves in Cheshire which now store gas will officially open today. Lord Deighton, Commercial Secretary to the Treasury is due to hail the Stublach gas store’s “crucial role” for British energy security at a ceremony later today. So far two salt caverns at gas firm Storengy’s Stublach site are used and they can store […]

Gas stores go large on the weekend – DMR

More gas was piped into the UK’s stores over the weekend as prices “collapsed”, according to the daily market report from npower. Unusually warm temperatures last week saw the UK experience hottest Halloween on record – spelling less demand for gas from households. Steve Walker, Client Portfolio Manager at the supplier’s Optimisation Desk said: “Understandably […]

November gas prices hit four year low

Prices on the UK’s wholesale gas market dropped to their lowest for November. On Friday, gas for November 2014 traded at 51.60 pence per therm (p/th), according to analysts at ICIS. That’s ten pence per therm cheaper than the 61.625p/th price in November 2011. The prices are even lower than last November’s, when they expired at 66.900p/th. There’s […]

Denmark to buy gas storage site from DONG

Denmark is to take over an underground gas storage site for 2.25 billion krone (£239m)., the state-owned operator of the Danish transmission network signed a conditional deal with gas explorer DONG Energy. Based on the well-populated island Zealand in Denmark, Stenlille has stored gas from the Danish part of the North Sea since 1989. […]

World Bank funds gas storage facility in Turkey

The World Bank has approved extra financing of $400 million (£233.7m) for the development of the gas sector in Turkey. The loan would finance the cost overrun of the underground Tuz Golu gas storage facility, the Bank said. Once completed, it will have the capacity to store around 960 million cubic meters of working gas […]

New UK gas store looks set to take first load

The UK’s newest gas storage site at a salt cavern in Cheshire looks ready to take its first load. Stublach has told the market it wants to take 2 million cubic meters (mcm), according to our daily market report with npower. Steve Walker, Client Portfolio Manager said: “Stublach has an injection nomination of 2 mcm, […]

“Heavy injection” into UK gas storage stops

Some heavy injection into gas storage over the last few weeks in the UK has come to a halt, according to a daily market report. Ben Spry, Optimisation Desk Manager at npower said: “Over the couple of weeks we’ve seen some quite heavy injection into storage especially over this weekend. “So a lot of our […]

Could Ukraine gas crisis shatter UK ceramics?

Potteries, brick bakers, big ceramic-making kilns – all rely on steady, continuous high temperatures of at least 1000°C. This is fuelled by large quantities of natural gas. That’s one pressing reason for the British Ceramic Confederation’s (BCC) growing concern over fractious relations between Russia and Ukraine. Roughly a third of Europe’s gas comes from Russia […]

Where’s the Big Yellow storage for gas when you need it?

I have to admit – however reluctantly – that I’m a bit of a hoarder. My other half will crow with delight when he reads my blog today because I furiously deny this is the case 99% of the time. Though I really do hate clutter, it’s often harder to chuck away non-essentials than you […]

Carbon prices fall amid backloading delay

Carbon prices saw “sharp losses” recently following the announcement that the backloading plan will not being implemented until the second quarter of this year. That’s according to the latest weekly market report from npower, which suggests it led the market to believe that 300 million permits would be withdrawn rather than the expected 400 million. […]