Europe avoids energy crisis but still ‘not out of the woods,’ says IEA chief

Europe’s energy challenges are not yet over, warns Fatih Birol

Green groups aim to sink undersea gas storage project in NI court battle

The Islandmagee facility is predicted to provide a quarter of the UK’s gas storage capacity

‘Europe may need to cut gas demand by 55bcm to mitigate supply risks’

Europe has utilised almost all of its short-term energy efficiency possibilities, leaving it susceptible to a “considerable” risk of further reduction in Russian piped gas, according to a report

EU launches joint gas buying scheme

The European Commission has launched the AggregateEU mechanism, allowing European companies to register their gas purchase needs

Putin sparks gas price fears for winter

Russia’s Gazprom has issued a warning about winter gas supplies

Britain plans to boost energy security with floating gas terminals

The government is reportedly working to support the installation of floating gas terminals off the coast of Britain to increase energy security and avoid future energy crises

EU agrees to keep cutting gas usage – but could it mean shortages?

The EU member states maintain the option to trigger mandatory reductions if there are concerns over the security of supply

Gas cuts to continue as winter looms: Commission urges early prep

The EU has proposed extending emergency legislation to reduce gas demand by 15% for another 12 months

European gas storage levels higher than expected

Analysts predict that European gas reservoirs could be 88-100% full by September

‘UK must take action on hydrogen storage before 2025’

That’s because the country has just 5% of Germany’s gas infrastructure, new analysis has found