Nord Stream 1 shutdown ‘likely to see gas prices skyrocket again today’

Analysts predict that gas prices will jump 50% as a result of Russia’s move to cut off gas flows

ENGIE: “Gazprom informed us about a reduction in gas deliveries”

A dispute over contracts has reportedly led to the cut in the gas supply delivered to the French energy group

Gazprom to suspend gas supplies via Nord Stream 1 tomorrow

The energy giant has said the pipeline’s only remaining compressor needs servicing and will be offline until 2nd September

No Nord Stream 1 turbines are in Canada, says Gazprom

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister has unveiled plans to return five turbines

National Grid doubles emergency planning exercise amid energy crisis

The National Grid has doubled its annual emergency gas shortage drill from two to four days

Russia to close Nord Stream 1 taps for three days

Gazprom has said the gas supply will be ceased due to a “three-day servicing” in a “preventive maintenance period”

Will Centrica’s Rough ‘open in two weeks’?

Centrica could reportedly start pumping gas into the facility in September

Centrica strikes £7bn LNG deal

The agreement will allow the company to purchase one million tonnes of LNG every year

Germany rules out putting Nord Stream 2 into operation this winter

The German Government has insisted it is committed to the sanctions on Russia, despite the “difficult months” ahead

Concerns over “contaminated” gas delivered from UK to Europe

Companies have warned that UK’s LNG exports have materials that can be hazardous to the gas infrastructure