Dastur and GTI join for coal gasification venture

The companies will collaborate to find solutions for a range of Indian coals

Air Products to invest up to $2bn in coal-to-methanol production facility in Indonesia

The plant is expected to produce two million tonnes of methanol annually

UK’s ‘largest’ waste wood gasification plant fired up in Cheshire

Ince Bio Power has the capacity to process up to 170,000 tonnes of waste wood every year

Refgas……a team to take gasification from the drawing board to the market

Years ago, when incineration became a dirty word, many companies sprang up, developing a variety of advanced thermal processes, including pyrolysis, gasification and many variations on the theme, as a way of converting waste-derived materials into valuable heat and electricity. In theory, these techniques could be both cleaner and more efficient than traditional combustion or […]

Gasification… it’s been around for a while!!

When it was first discovered that “town gas” could be manufactured by heating coal, peat or wood back in the late 18th Century, it created a revolution in street lighting and then in gas production and storage for domestic and industrial use. Whilst lamplighters are no longer employed to walk the streets and light up […]

Exciting energy recovery…from every tonne of waste

Waste, rubbish, trash, refuse – whatever you want to call it, the bulk of materials thrown away by households and industry are rich in energy, and prime targets for a secondary use as a feedstock to produce heat and power. With around 30 million tonnes of municipal solid waste and a similar amount of industrial […]

‘First of its kind waste-to-gas plant’ hits UK

A green gas plant under construction in Swindon is claimed to be the first in the UK to convert household waste into bio-substitute natural gas (BioSNG). Advanced Plasma Power and Cadent’s £25 million facility has received £11 million of government funding and will use a fully automated fuel handling system. Once operational, the plant will […]

Green light for £85m waste-to-energy plant

An £85 million energy from waste power plant in east Belfast has been given the go-ahead by the Government. Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace will use the new facility to convert 120,000 tonnes of non-recyclable commercial and industrial waste into electricity and heat. It will be done through the gasification process which heats the waste […]

Irish energy from waste plant approved

Planning permission has been granted for an energy from waste plant in Northern Ireland which turns rubbish into gas rather than burning it directly. The Lisburn plant (pictured, artist’s impression) will take 80,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste and convert it into a gas with a two-stage heating process. The gas is then burnt to generate […]

UK to have world’s largest renewable energy plant

The UK is set to have the world’s largest renewable energy plant using advanced gasification energy-from-waste (EfW) technology. Air Products today announced plans to build and operate the 50MW capacity Tees Valley plant, which is expected to power around 50,000 homes in the UK. EfW is the process of creating energy from waste in the […]