Manufacturer eyes zero waste wind turbine blades by 2030

LM Wind Power aims to send no excess manufacturing materials to landfills without energy recovery

Dogger Bank C offshore wind farm spins faster after shareholder reshuffle

Once commissioned, Dogger Bank is predicted to generate enough electricity to power six million homes

GE and General Motors team up to develop rare metals supply chain

The collaboration aims to support the growth of electric vehicles and renewable energy

‘Mammoth’ Teesside blade manufacturing plant gets go ahead

The plant will manufacture 107-metre- long offshore wind turbine blades

GE to expand wind turbine blade factory in Canada

The facility in Gaspé has manufactured more than 10,000 blades, equivalent to around 6,000MW of capacity

GE Renewable Energy wins huge order for onshore wind farm in India

It has been selected by Continuum Green Energy to provide 55 sets of its 2.7-132 onshore turbines for the Morjar, Bhuj wind farm in the state of Gujarat

There is life after death for old wind turbine blades

GE Renewable Energy has partnered with LafargeHolcim to recycle decommissioned wind turbine blades into energy and construction materials

Underwater robots to check hydro turbines

Remotely operated vehicles will be able to inspect hard-to-reach turbines, reducing costs and downtime

GE Renewable Energy secures contracts for new Pumped Hydro Storage Power Plant in Austria

It claims that it will be the first new build pumped hydro storage facility in the world to have fully-fed variable speed technology, making it far more efficient

Strong winds blow over Dogger Bank

GE Renewable Energy has finalised wind turbine contracts for the third phase of offshore wind project