UK-Singapore to collaborate on energy market regulation and clean energy tech deployment

Ofgem and the Energy Market Authority will hold their second bilateral dialogue virtually in the first quarter of 2021

New appointments to GEMA announced

New appointments to the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (GEMA) have been announced. GEMA was established to support the interests and rights of consumers by promoting effective competition and regulating networks in the gas and electricity industry. DECC and Ofgem have appointed Rachel Fletcher as Executive Director for the next seven years. She is currently Senior […]

Nicola Hodson appointed to Ofgem’s governing body

The general manager of marketing and operations at Microsoft UK has been appointed to Ofgem’s governing authority. Dr Nicola Hodson will take up a non-executive role at the energy regulator’s Gas and Electricity Markets Authority (GEMA) for the next five years until 28th February 2020. GEMA is a body that was established to regulate the […]

Ofgem has eye on white label energy

Ofgem’s governing body has white label energy providers in its sights. White label providers are companies such as supermarkets who sell deals for electricity from other suppliers but do not own a licence to supply themselves. Examples include Sainsbury’s Energy’s partnership with British Gas and SSE’s with M&S Energy. They are the fifth item on the agenda for a meeting […]