Bristol firms buzzing over new Bio-Bee waste vehicle

  A new bus that runs on the food waste it collects from commercial businesses in Bristol has been launched. Bio-Bee collects and takes the food waste to GENeco’s anaerobic digestion plant in Avonmouth, where it is processed and turned into biogas or low carbon electricity for homes and communities. The biogas is either used […]

Bristol’s first energy-from-waste plant open

Bristol’s first plant that produces energy from food waste has officially been opened today. The Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant is expected to produce 10GWh of energy a year using biogas, which could power around 3,000 households. It is expected to treat 40,000 tonnes of food waste from homes, supermarkets and businesses that would otherwise go […]

Barker gets biogas Bug in sewage-powered car

Energy minister Greg Barker drove a car powered by human waste yesterday at the European Bioenergy Expo. The Bio-Bug VW Beetle runs on methane gas generated during the sewage treatment process and was developed by south west company GENeco. The company claims that waste flushed down the toilets of just 70 homes in Bristol is […]