Clean African plates of food using LPG?

Researchers believe use of the fuel in sub-Saharan cooking could dramatically reduce individual emissions

Gaia Says No! – Africa: Episode 4. The future.

The last in our series where we explore the role the continent has to play in delivering net zero

Nigeria partners with World Economic Forum to fight plastic pollution

In 2018, Nigeria was estimated to have discharged around 200,000 tonnes of plastic waste into the ocean per year, while its annual plastics production is projected to grow to 523,000 tonnes by 2022

UK provides £27m for clean energy to sterilise drinking water in Ghana

UK-based Aqua Africa will use the finance for solar powered technology to deliver five litres of water a day for less than a quarter of a penny

Ghana to develop national climate adaptation plan

The project is the first of its kind in Ghana to use future climate projections to plan over large timescales, up to the year 2080

Ghana solar
Solar plant in Ghana hits the roof

The 400.4KW solar plant is based on the roof of drink producer Kasapreko’s bottling facility

UK Export Finance pumps $400m into Ghanaian gas project

UK Export Finance (UKEF) is supporting a GE Oil & Gas contract in Ghana with funding worth $400 million (£318m). The cash will help the company secure an $850 million (£676m) deal for the Offshore Cape Three Points project. GE Oil & Gas is providing subsea production systems for the project, which will include the […]

Gas project in Ghana gets $517m funding

Two members of the World Bank have committed $517 million (£428.4m) for a clean gas project in Ghana. The IFC and MIGA have pledged to support the offshore Sankofa Gas Project, which hopes to provide a reliable and affordable energy supply in the West African nation. The 1,000MW of capacity will help to displace heavy […]

Ghana to launch climate innovation hub

Ghana will receive a $17.2 million (£12.04m) grant to build a new climate innovation centre (CIC). The World Bank is funding the project which will support more than 100 local clean technology companies develop innovative solutions to tackle climate change. Ghana CIC aims to help more than 300,000 people increase resilience to climate effects in the next […]

Ghana to get 225MW wind farm

A wind farm with a capacity of 225MW is to be built in Ghana. The Ayitepa wind farm is expected to provide up to 5% of the country’s electricity demand. The total investment on the project is around $525 million (£336m). Irish company Mainstream Renewable Power has signed the Grid Connection Agreement for the project. Liam […]