Climate change ‘could turn southern Spain to desert by 2100’

Southern Spain will turn into a desert if, by the end of the century, new measures are not taken to control greenhouse gas emissions. That’s the warning from scientists who said global warming above 1.5°C, higher than pre-industrial levels, will transform the Mediterranean’s vegetation and turn southern Spain into a desert. The report, published in the journal […]

Canada to put climate change warnings on fuel pumps

Climate change warnings will be placed on fuel pumps under a new law in the City of Vancouver, Canada. The design will be a combination of linking the use of fossil fuels and climate change alongside positive alternatives on how to maintain a more efficient vehicle. The labels will be stuck to either fuel nozzle […]

Regional leaders agree to cut emissions by 12%

State and regional governments have agreed to cut their carbon emissions by 12.4% by 2030. The Compact of States and Regions – a group which allows participants to submit climate targets which it tracks and reports on – made the announcement at a report launch during COP21. The goal is greater than China’s current annual output. The […]

Mining giants ‘don’t support new climate laws’

Most of the largest metal and mining companies don’t support new climate regulations. That’s according to a new report which states only two out of 11 – which includes BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Antofagasta – do support it. It added many are also failing to “effectively manage carbon and water risks”. Not-for-profit firm CDP encourages businesses to provide their […]