Global Apollo comes to life as Mission Innovation

It was launched five months ago and now it has become a reality. The ‘Global Apollo Programme‘ which aims to make renewables cheaper than fossil fuels to tackle climate change has come to life as ‘Mission Innovation’. It will be announced today at COP21 by US President Barack Obama and French President François Hollande. The programme […]

David Attenborough backs green energy project

The world’s leading naturalist Sir David Attenborough has given his backing to a global scheme to boost renewable energy. The Global Apollo Programme was launched in London yesterday. The scheme is a worldwide initiative to try and make renewable energy forms cheaper than fossil fuels and to encourage their uptake. Speaking exclusively to ELN at […]

Project aims for cheaper green energy in 10 years

A new research project that aims to make renewable energy cheaper than coal in the next 10 years has been launched. Called Global Apollo Programme, it plans to fight climate change by boosting the use of solar and wind power. A group of scientists and experts from the energy industry launched a report at the Royal […]