Royal College of GPs to divest from fossil fuels

It is part of its plans to tackle climate change for good health and wellbeing of its patients

Warm me up, doc! GPs to advise energy efficiency for fuel poor

A national programme for doctors to prescribe energy efficient measures for fuel poor patients suffering from diseases as a result of cold homes has been unveiled. Energy Secretary Ed Davey has launched a £3 million pot to scale up the so-called “warmth-on-prescription” projects to help healthcare professionals such as GPs play a larger part in […]

Strength in numbers? Consultancy starts energy buying group

A British energy consultancy is hoping to prove there’s strength in numbers – it has started a buying group for middle-sized businesses with the aim of getting better electricity prices by pulling together. Companies using a minimum of 1GW of electricity a year can join the buying collective. There’s no official maximum limit but the […]

UK Government to save £84m on its energy bill

The UK Government could save £84 million in energy costs in the next 20 years under a new deal signed today. The agreement between the Government Procurement Service (GPS) and Air Products include a 20-year fixed power purchase agreement (PPA) for the firm to supply 37MW of energy. As part of the deal, Air Products […]

UK Government to buy energy from renewable suppliers

The UK Government is set to buy a small percentage of its own energy requirements from renewable suppliers under a new initiative announced today. The Energy for Growth project is part of the Government’s broader energy strategy to increase energy efficiency and “create the right conditions for investment in diverse, secure and sustainable energy production” […]

Wild monkeys to track Fukushima radiation

Wild monkeys are soon going to be used to track radiation levels around the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear disaster site in Japan according to reports. Researchers apparently plan to attach collars with GPS transmitters and Geiger counters to around 1,000 monkeys roaming the forests around Fukushima. A huge earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused a triple meltdown […]