Elkem selects site in Norway for battery materials plant

The Northern Recharge project at Herøya Industrial Park aims to make batteries greener with lower carbon emissions

EDF and Veolia join forces to create Graphitech for nuclear decommissioning

The joint venture will be responsible for the technological development and engineering studies in preparation for decommissioning nuclear reactors that use graphite technology

‘World’s first’ project to turn biogas from sewage into hydrogen

Hazer is seeking to build a 100-tonne per annum facility in Australia by December 2020

Dungeness wants to extend safety limit of nuclear core

The operator of Dungeness nuclear power station wants to extend the safety limits of graphite bricks in its core. EDF Energy wants the graphite to be allowed to lose up to 8% of its weight rather than the current limit which is 6.2%. Opened in 1983, Dungeness has a decommissioning date to stop generating electricity […]