What if how hard you worked out powered your gym?

Tune into this week’s Net Hero Podcast to learn about a gym powered by your workout!

Cut in energy bills must be prioritised over climate change, MP says

Sir Edward Leigh said people are worried about their “great big bloody heating bills”

Climate change has put the Great Barrier Reef ‘in serious trouble’

The Australian Government has officially downgraded outlook for the health of the reef from ‘poor’ to ‘very poor’

Coral bleaching
Great Barrier Reef’s ability to recover from bleaching ‘ severely reduced’

Researchers say the number of new corals on the world’s largest reef system has plummeted by 89% since marine heatwaves in 2016 and 2017

Australia approves Abbot Point coal port expansion

Australia has given the green light to the expansion of an existing coal port at Abbot Point in Queensland. It is said to be one of the largest coal expansion projects in the world. The approval from the Department of Environment lists some conditions the project must achieve before going ahead, including how and where the […]

Great Barrier Reef coal terminal protests

More than 100 people have protested against a new coal project at the Abbot Point port in Queensland, east Australia because they fear it could damage the nearby Great Barrier Reef. The campaigners including families with kids, walked through land earmarked for expanding the port and building a new Abbot Point Coal Terminal. The expansion is planned […]

Fears Aussie coral reefs damaged by coal depots

Marine conservationists fear the speedy approval of new coal depots on the Australian coast could damage the Great Barrier Reef. The coral reefs pull in thousands of tourists in a A$6 billion (£3.3bn) industry and are home to many species of plants and animals, from sea turtles to migrating whales. Felicity Wishart of the Australian […]