Not so solid crew? Pot for insulation runs out

The government’s £24 million budget for a scheme to help homeowners get insulation ran dry yesterday – 24 hours after it opened to the public. Demand surged for the second wave of cash assistance to get solid wall insulation under the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. It is déjà vu for the scheme which lets people […]

Door slams shut for Green Deal applications

The Green Deal’s latest incarnation has proved so popular government closed applications after just six weeks. Yesterday at 6.30pm the doors clanged shut on the new Home Improvement Fund part of the scheme, a pot of £50 million. It was meant to dish out vouchers for energy saving projects such as home insulation over the […]

Green Deal vouchers trimmed after gold rush

The Government has scaled back the amount of cash it is giving in vouchers via the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund – which go towards insulation – after thousands of householders flocked to take up the “generous” offer. A whopping £43million worth of vouchers were issued in the first six weeks and well more than […]