CMA consults on environmental sustainability advice to support UK’s net zero goals

It is particularly interested in hearing about specific instances where businesses or consumers felt competition or consumer law impacted their ability to act sustainably

Property consultants hit 78% of 2020 green targets

A real estate investment consultancy has already accomplished 78% of its 2020 sustainability targets set in 2016. JLL UK completed 14 of its 18 green corporate targets, including cutting total energy consumption across all of its offices by 26% since 2012. The company, which is a member of the World Green Building Council’s Corporate Advisory Board, also secured […]

‘China and India leading green goal progress’

China and India are well on track to achieving the Paris Agreement climate targets. That’s according to a new report from Allianz, Germanwatch and the New Climate Institute, which suggests the two nations play a key role in the transition to a clean energy system, as along with the US, they emit more than half of global Carbon […]

Heathrow unveils green plan for airport restaurants

A new initiative aimed at encouraging food and drink retailers in Heathrow Airport to cut their environmental impact has been launched. The airport has partnered with Sustainable Restaurant Association and published an ‘Ingredients for Success’ guide, which proposes a set of green targets. It includes reducing energy use by 10% for every person served, saving water, […]

Scotland ‘not on track to reach low carbon goals’

Scotland is not on track to achieve its low carbon ambitions. That’s according to a new report by environmental charity Green Alliance. It states future progress is hindered by current infrastructure. The report claims Scotland is also not on track to meet its target of  80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. It adds it is […]