Spidey sense tingles for sustainability

A new method to make sustainable manmade spider silk has been developed. A team of scientists and architects from the University of Cambridge have worked out how to create the stretchy, strong substance without relying on energy intensive procedures or using toxic chemicals as was previously necessary. They say the same techniques could be applied in a […]

Apple hints at greener future

Apple hopes to one day stop using mined materials and make its products 100% recyclable. That’s according to the technology giant’s annual environment report, which says the firm is looking into ways to cut out the presence of metals and toxic rare materials such as tungsten, tantalum, gold and cobalt from its devices. The firm […]

Swedish Energy Agency gives £5m for green steel

The Swedish Energy Agency is to provide SEK56 million (£5m) to a Carbon Dioxide-free steel project. Steel refiners SSAB, mining company LKAB and Vattenfall have agreed to contribute the remaining SEK46 million (£4.1m), bringing total funding for the four-year research initiative up to SEK102 million (£9.1m). They will also form a corporate joint venture in spring. The companies aim to come up […]