UK energy policies ‘wrong for jobs, economy and climate change’

The current energy policies in the country are wrong for jobs, economy and to tackle climate change. That’s the view of Caroline Lucas MP from the Green Party who believes the government is taking the sector in the wrong direction. Speaking to ELN she said: “I think the government’s changes to energy policies have been […]

Political Plug-in: Green Party

The Green Party has pledged £35 billion for renewable energy and plan to ban fracking. Are you in favour of those energy policies?

Green Party’s ambitious manifesto ‘challenging’

The Green Party’s manifesto has attracted positive responses but some believe the “technical details” of getting the policies right could be “challenging”. Matthew Farrow, the Environmental Industries Commission’s (EIC) Executive Director said: “The Green Party manifesto, as one would hope, contains ambitious environmental polices many of which we would strongly support.” The EIC particularly welcomed […]

Greens: No fracking, higher climate change targets

The Green Party claims much more needs to be done to tackle climate change in the UK. To have a “reasonable chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change”, it said a 90% reduction in greenhouse gases is needed in the UK in the next 15-20 years. Its manifesto, launched today by party leader Natalie Bennett, states: […]

Green Party promises £35bn for renewables

The Green Party has vowed to invest up to £35 billion to speed up the “renewables revolution” in the UK. Its manifesto, which was launched by leader Natalie Bennett, claims how the party’s strategy for energy efficiency can change the energy system based mainly on electricity form renewables within 15-20 years. “The UK is 25th […]

Green Party “outstrips UKIP” on members

The Green Party claims it now has more members than UKIP. Yesterday it announced the Greens have 43,829 members across UK, with more than 2,000 people joining the Green Partys of England and Wales on Wednesday (14 January) in less than 24 hours. UKIP claimed its membership hit around 39,000 in June 2014, revising this […]

Green seat puts anti-nuclear voice in the Lords

There will be a firmly committed anti-nuclear voice in the House of Lords from now on as Green Party member Jenny Jones (pictured) is to get a Working Peerage. Today new nominations for the Lords were announced  The Queen approves new appointments to the Lords from a list put forward by political parties. It’s the […]

Greens protest against Drax big biomass

ELN reports from outside the offices of Drax where green protestors claim big biomass is actually more harmful for the environment than burning coal. Hear their view and the response from Drax.

Energy Bill: What about efficiency?

The lack of coverage for energy efficiency in the Government’s long-awaited Energy Bill has left some in the energy industry scratching their heads. This week Energy Secretary Ed Davey gave the draft Bill to Parliament which laid out the set of policies to encourage investment in low carbon energy. For smart meter provider Itron, “It […]

Caroline Lucas stepping down as Green Leader

The Green Party’s first ever MP to win a seat at Westminster will be stepping down as Leader of the party in September 2012. Caroline Lucas announced over the weekend she will not re-run for the position at the end of her second term later this year. Ms Lucas said she wants to “broaden” the […]