Greener EU policies could save firms €600bn

Businesses in the EU could save €600 billion (£528bn) if Member States introduced new policies encouraging the shift to a circular economy. That’s according to a new report from The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group (CLG), which surveys the waste and sustainability credentials of 14 companies. The firms, which include Philips Lighting and ACCIONA, […]

AB’s cogeneration in support of Pizzoli’s green policy

AB’s cogeneration is confirmed as the ideal solution for the food industry and so Pizzoli SpA, a worldwide reference in the sector, having always been attentive to environmental policies and energy efficiency, has chosen to use the company’s technology at the Orzinuovi facilities. As a leading potato processor, part of Pizzoli’s “green” philosophy is the […]

Firms without green measures miss out on business deals

Small firms could be missing out on new business deals by not implementing green measures. That’s according to an energy advisory firm, which claims using an ‘Energy Audit’ could help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) cut electricity, gas and water consumption as well as save them money. It also helps firms prioritise energy saving projects […]