UK and India announce $1.2bn green growth initiative

The Climate Finance Leadership Initiative India partnership has also been launched to mobilise private capital into sustainable infrastructure in India, including solar and wind power and other green technologies

Government announces £80m fund to cut emissions and save on bills

The funding aims to help heavy industry go green and retrofit homes with latest green tech, helping people save money on their energy bills

BP: New tech can keep energy supply cheap and secure

Advances in technology will keep energy supplies plentiful and affordable. That’s according to a new report by energy giant BP. It found using the best technologies to discover oil and gas resources could significantly increase ‘proved reserves’ from 2.9 trillion barrels of oil equivalent to 4.8 trillion barrels. That’s nearly double the 2.5 trillion barrels required to meet […]

Low carbon must win over consumers

Power firms and technology companies need to do more to convince consumers that going green can make monetary sense so they are encouraged to invest in future technologies such as smart meters. These were the words of Tony Ward from Ernst and Young. Speaking at the New Energy Economy event the head of Power & […]