Tax boost for North Sea oil

The Government today announced that North Sea oil and gas firms would receive tax support for those operating smaller, less profitable fields. The announcement follows an earlier tax increase that had some some in the industry worried about about the future of the nation’s energy supply. The annual rate of the Ring Fence Expenditure Supplement […]

Public sector spends £221bn on procurement

Public sector procurement should be streamlined in a bid to save money and make life easier for the private sector. Chairman of the Greening the Public Sector, Colin Cram, said: “Public sector procurement spend is £221bn. It’s a massive amount, accounting for one third of public sector expenditure. We have a right to expect that […]

Ditch consultants and hire electricians to spark energy cuts

Practical and low cost advice from electricians has helped cut energy consumption at the Environment Agency. Speaking at the Greening the Public Sector conference in London, Head of Internal Environment Management Julian Feasby said there were cost and energy-saving benefits to asking tradesmen for advice rather than hiring more expensive sustainability consultants. Mr Feasby said: […]