‘Supermarkets must do more to cut plastic packaging’

A new study claims Brits believe supermarkets have not done enough to reduce plastic in their stores

Two-thirds of UK’s branded food packaging ‘is not fully recyclable’

An analysis of 89 popular branded groceries also showed four-in-ten products had no labelling to show if they could be recycled

Lidl launches reusable fruit and veg bags in ‘UK first’

The grocer expects the move will help significantly reduce the amount of plastic used by its customers

Walmart slashes supply chain emissions by 20m tonnes

The grocery giant is also boosting its renewable portfolio and cutting the amount of waste it sends to landfill

Co-op implements fresh scheme to end food waste

The Co-op Food Share campaign will have a phased roll out during 2018

£7bn worth of waste produced by grocery sector

The UK’s grocery and food manufacturing sectors produce £6.9 billion worth of food and packaging waste every year, a new report has revealed. That represents around 7% of the value of food and drink sales to households, which could be used to increase exports or investments, the government-backed waste advisory agency suggests. The production of […]