Renewable firm turns up the heat at old coal mine

A renewable energy company is now based at the site of the former Ashington Colliery, a disused coal mine. Jörd Energy, which specialises in commercial and residential ground source heat pumps and solar panel installations, has also recently taken on an investment banker as its Joint Managing Director. Ian Goodwin has joined Garry Coulson to help run the business, which […]

Homes to get paid for generating green heat

Grants to install green heating in homes were finally made available by government today. Called the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), it will pay people for the green heat they generate. Anyone from home owners and social and private landlords are eligible, both on and off the gas grid. The domestic RHI includes biomass heating […]

More cash for renewable heat for offices and local firms?

Extra cash could be made available for buildings such as offices, community centres and factories which want to get ground source heat pumps, large biomass boilers or solar thermal installations, the Government announced today. Under the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s plans for its Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, buildings across the country will be […]

Abandoned coal mines used for green energy?

Abandoned coal mines could be used to provide low carbon heat and green energy. Researchers in the UK are looking at ways to use water which has flooded the huge underground caverns left by mining works. Nottingham Trent University and Nottinghamshire-based firm Alkane Energy believe it could be used as a renewable heat source to […]

Roadmap plots course to renewables

The government has released a Renewable Energy Roadmap aimed at tackling barriers to rolling out renewables. The Roadmap lays out eight technologies that have the biggest potential to help the UK meet 2020 targets in a cost-effective and sustainable way. DECC plans to put up to £30million into renewable energy innovators as part of the […]

St John’s takes on sustainable university challenge

St John’s College, Oxford and a new primary school in South Wales are among a growing number of educational establishments using ground source heat pumps to harness solar energy. The 280-pupil Ynysowen Community Primary school, near Aberfan, and 500-student college are both utilising a heat exchanger, comprising a network of polyethylene pipes, buried under the […]

Asda spends £85m on low carbon stores

Supermarket Asda has invested £85m in renewable energy plans… and expects to get a payback on the investment in two years. Energy is the second biggest area of business risk to the company, coming just behind labour costs. Robert Simpson, Asda’s head of technical development, told the UK Energy Summit that by 2015, 25% of […]