EU takes Ireland to court for failing to adapt renewable law

Ireland could face a daily penalty of €25,447.50 (£20,909) a day for failing to enact EU legislation on renewable energy. The European Commission said it is referring Ireland to the Court of Justice “for failing to fully transpose the Renewable Energy Directive”, which requires EU member states to generate 20% of energy from renewable sources […]

EU’s ‘blue energy’ plan set to make waves

The EU has unveiled a new plan to increase the development of ocean energy, which it claims could help create up to 20,000 jobs by 2035 in the UK alone. Also called “blue energy”, it covers all renewable energy at sea, including, wave and tidal but excluding offshore wind. The plan includes the establishment of […]

EU picks 250 power projects eligible for €5.8bn funding

The European Commission has set out a list of 250 energy infrastructure projects eligible to apply for a €5.85billion (£5bn) pot of cash. The extensive list includes 140 electricity transmission and storage projects, 100 gas projects and the odd oil and smart grid project. Among the UK-based projects are a new 1400MW undersea cable between […]

Nuclear stress tests “every six years” under EU plans

The UK may have to run stress tests on its nuclear power stations every six years under new plans put forward by the European Commission. The EU’s governing body proposed the legally binding reviews last week in yet another example of worldwide efforts to tighten up safety in the wake of the Japanese nuclear disaster […]

EU threatens nations with huge fines for poor renewable efforts

The European Commission wants to impose huge fines on several of its member states for failing to put EU renewable energy laws into national legislation. The Commission said yesterday it is referring Poland and Cyprus to the European Court of Justice for failing to transpose the Renewable Energy Directive, which demands the EU get 20% […]

EU Parliament approves rules to boost energy infrastructure

The European Parliament has given the green light to laws that will drastically cut the time it takes to build huge infrastructure projects. The new proposals will allow big projects such as cross country power lines and grids to be given planning consent in a matter of just months rather than the years it normally […]

EU energy chief Oettinger visits Scotland

The EU’s top energy official Gunther Oettinger visited Edinburgh yesterday to hold talks with Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond and energy industry figures. Hitting Europe’s climate change and energy targets was top of the agenda, according to Scottish officials. The EU has committed to getting 20% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, slashing […]

EU gets strict on biofuel sources

The European Union yesterday announced that countries would have to follow strict procedures in sourcing biofuels from sustainable sources. The Commission recognised seven voluntary certification schemes and will apply directly in 27 EU Member States. Biofuels used in the EU, whether produced locally or imported, have to comply with sustainability criteria, which aim to prevent […]