Global offshore wind capacity ‘to surge to more than 234GW by 2030’

China installed the greatest amount of new offshore wind capacity, followed by the UK and Germany

‘Global wind energy sector installed record 63GW of capacity in 2019’

A new report by GWEC notes that more than 22,800 new wind turbines were installed last year

India projected to fall short of its target to install 60GW of wind power by 2022

The Global Wind Energy Council and MEC Intelligence say the Indian wind industry will fall short of its target by as much as 10GW

Wind energy ‘is key building block’ for recovery from Covid-19

The international body said the wind industry holds the potential to create jobs, generate zero carbon renewable power and drive green investment

Vital offshore wind sectors ‘will require 77,000 trained workers by 2024’

The Global Wind Organisation notes a trained workforce is necessary as global industries increase their focus on worker safety, job creation and long-term sustainability

Global wind industry sets offshore record

2019 saw a 35.5% increase in global wind energy capacity as compared to 2018 – according to GWEC’s latest annual report

Wind groups team up for industry safety and training needs

A memorandum of understanding has been signed to leverage shared resources, including datasets, analytical and forecasting capabilities

World ‘must avoid introducing trade barriers to wind’

The Global Wind Energy Council warns tariffs on key commodities and components could add up to 20% to wind turbine supply chain costs

UK second largest market for new offshore wind installations

Globally, an additional 200GW of new offshore wind energy capacity is forecast to be added by 2030

Vietnam to install 1GW of wind energy by 2021

Around 327MW of onshore and offshore wind capacity has been installed so far