‘Biodiversity decline by 2030 can still be stopped’

Five UK nature agencies have released a joint report calling for nature recovery to be considered just as important as net zero strategy

Dormice to get protection!

Task force set up to protect endangered species such as dormice, restoring habitats in the process

Microplastics found in guts of sharks off UK coast

Microplastic and other man-made fibre particles were found in 67% of the creatures studied

Marine Protected Areas ‘just as polluted as many other beaches’

Public littering has been identified as the main source of plastic pollution in or near England’s Marine Protected Areas

Wind farm is oasis for fish and fauna

A wind farm in the North Sea has had a positive overall impact on fauna, claims a new study. The OWEZ offshore wind farm, off the Dutch coast near Egmond aan Zee, provided a new natural habitat for organisms living on the sea bed such as mussels, anemones, and crabs. Prof. Han Lindeboom said that […]