Bitcoin ‘causing carbon emissions comparable to the city of Hamburg’

Researchers concluded the cryptocurrency generates around 22 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year

Hamburg to buy district heating network from Vattenfall for €950m

The Swedish power company currently owns 74.9% while the city holds a 25.1% minority stake

Hamburg bans diesel cars on two of its roads

The move makes it the first German city to introduce such a ruling

North German region to be powered 100% by renewables

A new project aims to power a huge swathe of North Germany only by renewable energy within twenty years. The regions of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, an area with a population of more than four million, have created an initiative which first targets to obtain 70% of its energy from green sources by 2025, going fully green […]

Vattenfall invests €83.5m in district heating in Germany

Vattenfall has announced it will invest €83.5 million (£64.2m) in a district heating project in Hamburg. The money will be used to refurbish the Wedel combined heat and power plant (CHP). The project aims to secure the city’s heat supply for “a few more years” and comply with environmental strandards. Work on the turbines, boiler […]

Why the Germans are happy to pay more for green

ELN investigates Germany’s expensive renewable choices

Solar rises in the East

ELN discovers why China is leading the world in PV manufacture