‘UK’s slow progress in making homes greener’

New ONS data reveals slow progress in making UK homes more energy efficient, raising concerns about the UK’s ability to achieve its net zero target by 2050

UK increases heat pump grants starting today

Government grants have made heat pumps more affordable than gas boilers, with £7,500 available for installations

NIC urges full subsidies for heat pumps

The National Infrastructure Commission recommends the UK Government fund or subsidise heat pump installations, focusing on lower income households

‘Sunak’s heat pump rollout delays could cost households thousands’

Delays in the UK’s net zero initiatives, including the phasing-out of oil boilers, could impede the growth of the heat pump industry, potentially hindering efforts to lower household energy costs, according to a new report

North East home warmth upgrades plummet

Data shows a significant reduction in government-funded home warmth upgrade projects in North East England, potentially leaving households without substantial energy savings as winter approaches

Exeter homes go green with loan support

Exeter City Council has partnered with a social enterprise to encourage homeowners to improve their properties’ energy efficiency, with accessible financing options

Net Hero Podcast – Houses that tell you how to save energy

I discuss a new app that helps you to maximise the energy saving potential of your homes by telling you what to install and where!

Heat pump grants: Up to £7,500 for homeowners

From 23rd October a new £7,500 grant for heat pumps will be available under the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

UK launches discounted training for low carbon heating and insulation

The government has launched an ambitious initiative offering discounted training for up to 12,000 individuals in retrofitting, insulation, heat network maintenance and heat pump installation

“Net zero changes could cost households up to £8bn”

Policy changes announced yesterday by the Prime Minister could potentially cost households up to £8 billion in higher bills over the next decade, according to a new report