Heathrow offers £20k to help sustainability fly high

Heathrow Airport is offering a £20,000 prize for green, innovative ideas on how to make the aviation sector more sustainable. The competition aims to solve the range of environmental challenges faced by airports as the world gradually moves towards decarbonising energy systems and mitigating climate change. The winning business or organisation will take the money […]

Heathrow coach firm pays £33k after river pollution

A Heathrow coach firm has been ordered to pay a total of £33,000 after polluting a river with sewage waste. Symphony Chauffeurs Ltd has been hit with £21,000 fines and £12,000 in costs after it emptied toilets on its luxury vehicles into public drains, which subsequently ended up in west London’s Crane River. This broke environmental […]

Committee on Climate Change voices Heathrow expansion concerns

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has written to Greg Clark over Heathrow expansion concerns. Chairman Lord Deben’s letter to the Business, Energy and Industry Strategy (BEIS) Secretary voices doubts as to whether the Department for Transport’s (DfT) business case for the third runway is in line with meeting the Fifth Carbon Budget and 2050 emissions targets. […]

Heathrow protest leads to 15 arrests

An access road to Heathrow airport was blockaded on Saturday morning during a protest over the proposed third runway. Activists for RisingUp! claim Theresa May’s go-ahead for the expansion will break UK emission limits and make achieving the Paris Agreement climate goals impossible. Around 250 people took part in the demonstration and 15 arrests were made […]

Zac Goldsmith quits as MP over Heathrow

Zac Goldsmith has resigned as a Conservative MP after the UK Government approved a third runway expansion at Heathrow airport. The former MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston, who has always been opposed to the construction of a third runway at London’s biggest airport, has called for a by-election in which he will be “standing as […]

Government insists Heathrow expansion won’t exceed air quality limits

The government’s announcement to give the green light for the new runway expansion at Heathrow Airport has attracted protests and petitions. The Department for Transport (DfT) insists the new runway expansion at Heathrow Airport is deliverable within air quality limits but environmental groups claim the third runway would be the “single biggest threat” to the […]

Heathrow to ban night flights to mitigate environmental impacts of third runway

Heathrow Airport has announced it will ban night flights and take action against noise and pollution if it is allowed to build a new third runway. That’s part of some of the promises made to Prime Minister David Cameron. The airport said it will scrap scheduled flights for six and a half hours between 23:00 and […]

Technologies ‘will mitigate environmental impact of airport expansion’

Technological improvements will mitigate any future environmental impact of an extra runway at Heathrow or Gatwick. That’s according to a report from the Independent Transport Commission (ITC) which added technologies have been quick in mitigating increases in noise, CO2 and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions in the past 30 years and they will continue to do so. […]

MPs: Heathrow shouldn’t get go-ahead until green goals are agreed

The government should not give the final expansion approval for Heathrow until the airport proves it will comply with environmental rules. That’s according to MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee who have opened an inquiry. They said the airport must demonstrate it can build the Heathrow expansion with legal air pollution limits and commit to covering the costs of […]

Expanding Heathrow will have ‘worst environmental outcome’

The London Heathrow Airport expansion could have “the worst outcome for the environment”. WWF-UK made the comment after the Airports Commission recommended a new runway. Chief Executive David Nussbaum said: “It would lead to the greatest increases in noise, in air pollution and in climate-damaging CO2 emissions. It will not make Britain more prosperous but […]