‘EU heat pump goals to cut heating bills by 20%’

Meeting the REPowerEU heat pump target for 2030 could reduce CO2 emissions from EU residential buildings by 46%, according to a report

Insulating social homes could slash heating bills by 42%

Insulated homes could save 700 million a year in total, according to a report

Britons advised to put foil behind radiators to save energy

Local authorities and a former MP have said that foil can help people reduce the amount of heat escaping

‘Nearly 400,000 households unprotected by price cap’

Houses on heat networks are exposed to higher energy prices, according to a report

“Queen’s Speech should include measures to protect heat network customers”

Currently, customers on heat networks are more exposed to energy price hikes

Are we all living in a pandemic of fuel poverty?

ELN takes an in-depth look at fuel poverty as soaring energy bills are pushing millions to choose between heating and food

Majority of employers ‘fail to help staff reduce home energy costs’

Just one-in-ten employees have received advice to reduce their heating bills, according to a new survey

E.ON criticised over sending pairs of socks to customers

Customers were encouraged to turn their heating down, however, the supplier said it wanted to motivate them to cut their carbon footprint

Household gas bills predicted to increase by £467

Domestic energy bills have already soared by £230 per customer, a fuel poverty charity has warned

US to release 50m barrels of oil to lower energy costs

The UK has also agreed to participate, by releasing 1.5 million barrels of its reserves