Reactor switched off at Heysham nuclear plant

EDF Energy switched off one of the reactors at Heysham 1 nuclear power plant last night after a water leak linked to a turbine. The generator said there was no risk of a radiation leak at unit 2 of the power station. It could not say when it would restart the unit – which refers […]

Last EDF nuclear reactor back in action after safety check

The last of EDF Energy’s nuclear power reactors taken offline for safety checks in 2014 is now back in action, according to the energy firm. The second reactor of Heysham 1 power plant was switched back on at 6.40pm on Saturday after a “successful” inspection of its boiler. Regulators gave the last unit at Heysham 1 […]

Hartlepool nuclear plant back online

EDF Energy switched on another nuclear reactor at the Hartlepool power plant in the early hours of the morning. Hartlepool was closed for safety inspections in August after a crack was found in the boiler spine of its sister plant, Heysham 1. Both the plants have eight boilers, which channel heat away from the reactor […]

EDF Energy shuts nuclear reactor in Lancashire

A nuclear reactor in Lancashire was shut down last week after smoke was seen coming from a plant. EDF Energy, which operates the reactor, said the 1,160MW Heysham 1 nuclear power station (pictured) was “safely and manually shut down”. An on-site team saw smoke lagging on a turbine and a dry powder extinguisher was used […]