Net zero supersonic flights?

Holidaymakers could supposedly travel from San Francisco to Tokyo in only six hours using sustainable fuels

What impact does your holiday have on the environment?                    

The Environmental Audit Committee has launched a new investigation into sustainable tourism

Neste accommodation
Now you can take your low carbon living on holiday…

Renewable fuel producer Neste has unveiled a new low emissions vacation located on the Swedish island of Lidö

It’s smooth sailing for sustainable suppers

An Italian cruise holiday operator has committed to halving food waste on board its ships by 2020. Costa Cruises has unveiled its 4GOODFOOD programme, which aims to streamline food preparation processes and encourage its guests and crew members to throw less away. The company says around 54 million meals are prepared on its vessels each […]

Wooden Christmas tree ‘cuts your carbon footprint’

Carpenters say they have found a way to make sure you stay ‘green’ during the holiday season – with an environmentally friendly Christmas tree. Makers of the wooden ‘timbatree’ which resembles a game of Jenga claim it can cut your carbon footprint because the timber they use is entirely from FSC accredited redwood. Surrey carpenter […]

Blog: The Turkish delight in a thousand solar panels

You go on holiday to relax, unwind and crucially, forget about work for a few blissful days in the sun. But I should have known better – I can never switch off from energy. Arriving late at night to the small, bustling town of Fethiye on the southern coast of Turkey last week, it was […]