Hendry drilled on shale gas

Energy Minister Charles Hendry has faced questions over the depths of shale gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’ after a fellow MP’s constituents raised concerns over the impact of the controversial process. Ex-Shadow Energy Minister Huw Irranca-Davies (pictured) asked what the maximum depth of drilling operations and fracking for shale gas is in the […]

Treasury ‘dictating energy policy’

The Shadow Energy Minister has criticised the Government’s energy policies for being dictated by the Treasury. As Energy Minister Charles Hendry announced the National Policy Statements that will be the framework for the industry, his shadow counterpart took the opportunity to air the Opposition’s distaste for Treasury interference in energy policy. Huw Irranca Davies said […]

UK nuclear gets the go-ahead

Members of Parliament yesterday voted in favour of the Government’s plans for nuclear energy. The National Policy Statements say: “It is Government policy that new nuclear power should be able to contribute as much as possible to the UK’s need for new capacity.” The statements confirm support for UK nuclear. EDF Energy say that the […]

Labour fight cuts to solar subsidy

Labour leader, Ed Milliband, has tabled a motion against the Government’s proposed cuts to solar subsidies from the Feed in Tariff for projects above 50KW. Labour believe the modification was submitted without proper consideration of the 80% of respondents in the consultation process who disagreed with the proposed Tariff bands. Signed by Ed Miliband, Meg […]

DECC accused of ‘surrendering green credentials’ over CRC

Energy ministers were today accused of “surrendering their green credentials to the Treasury” over changes made the CRC. In the Comprehensive Spending Review, the recycling of revenues from the scheme back to participants was scrapped, with all monies now going into the government purse. This move was slammed this morning during energy questions in the […]

Government in talks on Severn tidal schemes

Energy minister Charles Hendry has revealed that the government is in talks with companies about tidal power schemes in the Severn Estuary. Just over a week ago the government pulled the plug on a plan for a £30m Severn Barrage which supporters said could have provided enough power for 5% of the UK’s homes. But […]