Does your business fleet fit with electric?

Are your business fleets a good fit with electric cars? You could soon find out if your business is picked as one of 100 organisations given a free analysis of their fleets to see if and how EVs will work for them. The Energy Saving Trust (EST) which is a charitable advice group wants firms […]

Inventor of hybrid car battery dies, aged 89

The inventor of the hybrid car battery has died, aged 89. American Stanford Ovshinsky paved the way for low carbon transport by designing the first nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. The Ni-MH battery is a rechargeable power source used in laptops, mobile phones and other devices including hybrid cars. Described as the “Edison of our age”, the Michigan-based, […]

Price more off-putting than range for electric cars

The price of low carbon cars is more off-putting than range, claims a new survey. Just 52 per cent of people polled by said they would be more likely to buy a hybrid models than a full electric vehicle (EV), if they were similarly priced. Hybrid cars use an electric motor and switch to […]

Electric car sales falter in Government scheme

Electric car sales under a government scheme to encourage more people to buy them have halved, compared with the project’s first small surge, according to new figures. Just 215 electric cars were bought with the Plug-In Car Grant in its second three months of operation, compared with 465 in its first three months. From 1 […]

Low carbon cars a priority for motor industry

Investment in low emission cars is a key priority for the motoring industry over the next five years, a group of top executives have said. Development of hybrid cars, electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel-cell technology is vital for growing the automotive industry, said 93% of 200 auto executives in a survey carried out by consultants […]