Government to spend £116m to turn green ideas into reality!

Absorbents that capture CO2 directly from the air and hydrogen-powered boats are among the beneficiaries of the new investment

UK-wide hydrogen trials for HGVs to start next year

CNG Fuels has pledged to dedicate 100 acres of its land portfolio to hydrogen HGV refuelling by 2025

Will Glasgow become home to new plastic-to-hydrogen plant?

The £20m facility will process non-recyclable plastics to create hydrogen that will be used as a fuel for vehicles

Indian power giant invites candidates to build hydrogen fuel cell-based EVs

The project is a first of its kind in India, aimed to decarbonise the transportation industry in the national capital and the city of Leh

Clean hydrogen ‘could cut emissions by 34% by 2050’

A study finds that renewable hydrogen could be produced at rates par with current natural gas prices in five nations by this time

Pump it up! £11m for hydrogen fuel stations

A network of 15 hydrogen filling stations will be in place across the country by the end of 2015 as part of a £11 million fund announced by the Government. The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEVs) will invest £7m on installing and running up to seven new hydrogen refuelling stations, £2 million on upgrading […]