Indonesian President commits to sustainable hydropower

President Joko Widodo of Indonesia has committed to sustainable hydropower at the World Hydropower Congress, emphasising international collaboration for a green global economy

Renewables industry urges government action to sustain global leadership

Scottish Renewables has called for urgent government action to bolster investor confidence and address sector-specific priorities, including offshore wind and hydropower

Power sector emissions stagnate amid renewable growth

Global power sector emissions remained nearly steady in the first half of 2023, rising by just 0.2% compared to the previous year, as wind and solar energy continued to expand, according to a report

US solar power soars, chases wind and beats hydropower

In July, solar contributed 67.2% of new generation capacity, reaching a total share of 7.12%, according to a report

Drax granted approval for £500m pumped storage hydro plant

The Scottish Government has given the green light to Drax Group’s plans to construct an underground pumped storage hydro plant at its Cruachan facility

Dams: Flood prevention heroes saving billions

Harnessing dams for flood prevention holds the potential to save up to $96 billion, benefitting 660 million people living in flood-prone urban regions, according to a new study

‘Hydropower contributed to 15% of the world’s electricity last year’

China led growth in the sector by a large distance, increasing its capacity by 24GW

Good Energy unveils power matching initiative

Surfing lake ‘The Wave’ in Bristol has been twinned with a Welsh hydro project

SSE wins Supreme Court case on power plant tax allowances

The energy giant has welcomed the UK Supreme Court ruling in Glendoe Hydro Electric Station tax case

Masdar commits to tripling renewable capacity by 2030

It has agreed with IRENA to set out an implementation plan at COP28