Energy storage market to soar by 250% by 2030

Annual energy storage installations will reach a capacity of more than 30GW by 2030, according to new research

US hailed as ‘world’s most attractive’ market for renewables investment

China which accounted for more than half of the world’s renewables additions in 2020 ranked third behind Germany, a new report suggests

Is industry heading toward the big solar boom?

A new report predicts solar PV installations are set to soar by 27% year-on-year in 2021

Global solar demand to soar by 30% in 2021

China will account for 35% of global annual solar installations, according to a new report

Global wind and solar capacity to ‘surpass that of gas by 2023’

Global investment in renewables will bounce back in 2021, rising 8.5% to $255 billion, according to a new report

US to become world’s largest market for grid-connected energy storage

New research suggests solar combined with battery storage as well as peaking capacity requirements are driving increased procurement